Creating the Podcast

Justin and I had been very good friends for years leading up to us starting this podcast now known as Justin’s Apartment. He and I collaborated on a number of things in the past, dating all the way back to our community service organization back at our alma mater, USF. Justin had appeared on the podcast that broke me into this world called “Those Damn Podcasters” featuring another very good bro of mine, Ron Bello (not once or twice, but actually three times).

The creation of this podcast actually dates back to mid-2013. At that point in time, Those Damn Podcasters was beginning to slow down its momentum due to the busier schedules that Ron and I were undertaking. I immediately told Justin about it, who then suggested that we branch off and do our own thing. This then led to the podcasts I am now working on, including the still-on-the-ground podcast, The Murse Effect, my nursing on, “NextGenNurses“, the Game of Thrones fan podcast called “Heirs to the Iron Throne“, and this one, Justin’s Apartment.

Justin and I would go on to record a few episodes for “The Murse Effect”; however, I was still struggling on the technical aspects on getting podcasts out. Ron Bello had figured out all the logistics on that end, and with that previous partnership, I was in charge of editing and production of the podcasts. The momentum began to slow down, and I grew frustrated, as did Justin.

One day, Justin would ask, “Hey man, are we ever going to post the things we’ve done anywhere?” With a newfound energy, I dug my feet in to see how everything comes together. Justin and I also decided that we would go back to the proverbial drawing board. The brainstorming session that took place gave birth to a podcast dealing with just Justin and myself. “Let’s just do a podcast with just us,” we both exclaimed. But what would we call it?

The idea came to us on the night of June 17, 2014. In the ten minutes before recording the first episode began, we finally came up with “Justin’s Apartment”. The premise being where I would just show up with recording equipment, and we record our hangouts. The first episode, went up a few weeks later, and we’ve been having a blast. Justin and I have even expanded to include a few guests here and there.

Even though we have been inconsistent in our episodes, I vowed to make a comeback for us, and from here on out, Justin’s Apartment will have content up every Thursday.

Welcome, Roommates!!!