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JA – #14 – The Quintessential Durruck

On this episode, Derrick Wong (@durruck on the Twitter) drops by the Apartment to hang out with Justin and Anthony. They dive into a wide array of subjects including speculating what happened to the other guy in Boyz II Men, filmmaking, the relatively small independent filmmaking community in the Bay Area, and spreading talent across the board. Derrick is a really awesome guy to hang out with (hint hint LADIES!!!), and you’ll hear how quickly this episode turns into his dating profile.

Podcast Notes:

Welcome back from our short hiatus! How much do you miss us? Justin (@justin_mallari on Twitter and @justinmallari on IG) and Anthony (@murseant) are joined on this episode with the lost member of Boyz II Men, Derrick Wong (@durruck). The guys discuss filmmaking, being a triple threat, and how this whole episode is Derrick’s dating profile. As always, hit us up justinsAPTpodcast@gmail.com. Intro music done by Jahzzar with his track called “Sketch (Vlad)” and main theme is “A Lil Somethin Somethin” by The Good Lawdz (https://www.facebook.com/TheGoodLawdz) – tell them that you heard them on here. Without further ado, enjoy your episode!!!!!

JA - #13 - JPG Touches the Wall Episode Art Square

JA – #13 – JPG Touches the Wall

Jason Patrick Galit, aka JPG, from the famous Geek Say What Podcast, visits Justin all the way from Southern California (where it never rains, as Anthony says). JPG discusses being a nerd in the modern world, tells stories about crazy past relationships, and ways to suck the positivity out of Anthony, through a video about a Brony Rave.

Jason Patrick Galit











Podcast Notes:

It’s that time again!!! Welcome back to another episode of Justin’s Apartment featuring your favorite people, Justin (@justin_mallari on Twitter; @justinmallari on IG) and Anthony (@murseant on many realms). Jason Patrick Galit aka JPG stops by the pad to discuss Geek Say What (http://www.GeekSayWhat.com/), crazy ex-girlfriends, and the events that transpired at the Worst DJ Event EVER (look it up on YouTube). Email us at justinsAPTpodcast@gmail.com. Intro theme provided by “TheRealDanHD” and as always our main theme is “A Lil Somethin Somethin” by The Good Lawdz. Yeah, it’s a lot of somethin somethin for your ear!!!

Justin's Apartment - #12 - Munir Exists

JA – #12 – Munir Exists

Munir Mogannam from the Heirs to the Iron Throne podcast steps inside Justin’s Apartment. In this episode, Munir, Justin, and Anthony discuss UFC and MMA, the San Francisco 49ers, and the glory days of pro wrestling among other things. Oh, and Justin finds out that Munir is a real person, unlike Manti Te’o’s girlfriend. (Too soon?…Nah haha)


Podcast Notes:

Hello again and welcome to another installment of Justin’s Apartment with your hosts Anthony (@murseant on errythang) and Justin (@justin_mallari on Twitter and @justinmallari). This episode features Munir Mogannam from the Heirs to the Iron Throne Podcast. The three discuss 49ers football, MMA, and wrestling tape trading. Intro music is by Kevin MacLeod, and main theme song by The Good Lawdz called “A Lil Somethin Somethin” (find them on the Royalty Sir youtube). Enjoy the episode!!!!