JA – #15 – Justin’s Apartment is GINO

Gino Garde is the featured guest for this particular episode. Join the conversation as they delve into all things professional wrestling. Justin, Anthony, and Gino do Jim Ross impersonations, discuss the Undertaker’s fall at the hands of Brock Lesnar, even how each of them were one time members of the nWo, and wait for it..Destiny’s Child. Enjoy everyone!!

Podcast Notes:

Welcome us back everyone! It was like being gone for summer vacation in Australia (because you know that’s when they do summertime). Anyways, let us make up for some lost time by making this agreement with you that every Thursday we’ll have some sort of content available for you. Justin and I (Anthony) want to apologize for breaking that deal when we were on a roll. Now on to this episode: This week we sit down with our buddy Gino Garde (@greatbamgino) and discuss the intricacies of the WWE, how all of us were one time members of the nWo, and the fact that Brock Lesnar is best for business. Follow Justin (@justin_mallari on Twitter; @justinmallari on IG) and Anthony (@murseant on errythang). Hit us up justinsAPTpodcast@gmail.com and please rate, comment, subscribe on iTunes or any podcatcher app that you use. Welcome back Justin’s Roommates (that’s you guys, the fans haha)!!!!