JA 17 - Sam's Glad to Beer Artwork Square

JA – #17 – Sam’s Glad to Beer

Samantha Pena (http://behance.net/sampena/) stops by the apartment to hang out with the guys and special guest host Jason Patrick Galit (@jaepeagee and http://geeksaywhat.com/). This is historic as it marks the first featured female guest on the show (Diana Chen on episode 6 and Ariane Arnaldo on episode 13 served as auxiliary guests to the featured guests).  The four discussed a range of topics including drinking beer (if you can spot the pun and why the show was named the way it is then you get awesome points), the horror video game genre, spending time with significant others, 90’s television shows, and good ol’ AOL Instant Messenger screennames.

Podcast Notes:

It’s that time again. Yay for Thursdays! On this episode, Samantha Pena (http://behance.net/sampena & @_sampena_ on Instagram) stops by the Apartment to hang out with Anthony (@murseant), Justin (@justin_mallari on Twitter; @justinmallari on IG), and special guest host Jason Patrick Galit (http://geeksaywhat.com/). The four discuss horrifying video games, how “fine” is a troubling F-word, and AIM screennames. Intro music is “Jazz is Dead” by Fonkdongo (http://fonkdongo.bandcamp.com) and as always, main theme is “A Lil Sumthin Sumthin” by The Good Lawdz (facebook.com/theGoodLawdz). Enjoy this episode Roommates!